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Originally Posted by mamaw View Post
Everyone keeps saying to leave passports locked in safe on ship...but I thought you needed to show them at ports if you got off the ship? (yes...I'm new at this...ha). Also...I know everyone is saying their belongings were safe left on a boat or in a cubby...but it makes me nervous! We are doing a Grand Cayman dolphin encounter, stingray city and the turtle farm. I'm nervous about belongings (backpack w/just-in-case pull-ups for my 3 yr old, our spending money for the day and IDs..maybe a waterproof camera. Has anyone worn this in a waterproof bag w/lanyard?
I have not worn a waterproof bag with lanyard, but the small plastic cases work. I have an advantage as a guy and just put it in my pocket.

First--don't take anything valuable with you off the ship if you are that concerned. better to have piece of mind so that you can enjoy your excursion. Use a disposable camera and leave nothing of value in the backpack.
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