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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Last night, in my haste to get the dayís story done, I forgot to mention the one oddity in the check during the check in process; everyone was required to turn in their passports. As mentioned, as Iíd done this cruise on Princess just a few weeks back, I know on that sailing, everyone kept their passports. So, I know itís not done due to any particular law requiring it, so Iím assuming itís a Crystal Cruise Line policy. Itís not particularly consequential, but I will inquire later, simply because inquiring minds want to know.
Kuki, glad you are settling in and enjoying Crystal; I will be looking forward to each of your reports.

As for passports, Regent collects them on all itineraries, too. Many trips, depending on countries visited, they will give you a copy of your passport or your passport back to get stamped and then returned to reception. It makes it a lot easier to clear customs when they hold the passports. However, even on itineraries like Caribbean or Alaska, they still collect the passports.

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