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On my Crystal trip I was pampered to the tens (past the nines). We had a wonderful butler named papa who made sure we had everything we wanted all the time.

I will never forget the lobster dinner we had served on our verandah - or the caviar and cheese party we had in our staterrom with a couple from the guest lecturing department as our guests.

Crystal normally carries as many as 10 guests lecturers per cruise, so you can always find someone to have a great conversation with. Plus I enjoyed the music and art classes onboard, and the DVD library.

As a golfer, I hope to hear a lot more about your golf experience, meeting th pros and playing the course - when you get to Hawaii, of course.

There was a news story yesterday that should brighten your day - drive practice off the stern of cruise ships should be making a comeback with golf balls made from old lobster shells which are fully eco-compliant.
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