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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
Sorry Radiofree, but I'm smelling some major trolling or misdirection here.

Why, it just dont tie up for me, and one of my fellow gripers did pick up on it above.

I can hear and read your gripe, but it sounds like a gripe supposed to be from a crew member, but written by a passenger. You nearly did it, but hey ho, caught out bud.

And if I can tell you why I'm pee'd off with you, its because on gripes I expect honesty, it may be off the wall, it may be contraversial, it potentially could get you banned on here for that opinion, but its honest in your heart and opinion.

Your just throwing out curve balls waiting to see if someone will can do better. Give your own real opinion.

And if in the very very very slim chance that you are a crew member that found this site,,,your in the wrong job, simple as most of us too take crap EVERY day at work especially in the service industry. If you knew the service industry, then people who are good at it do not see the jobs they do as being a slave to anyone. And on a ship the ones that do service well are well rewarded well, they have respect, know how to play the game and actually make a lot of money. Did you realise that?

How ship passengers, like customers in a shop behave everyday is like water off a ducks back to a professional in service,,,they know the game when working in service. SO again your interpretation of what people do or think that work in service shows you have not actually done it
Sorry for the delay, and I can't respond to all the points right now, but can assure you that I was real crew. I'm not trolling, and just thought this was an appropriate place to do this (honestly rant a bit). I'm very thankful for the chance to have a place like this to express what I said, because there are so few other ways to do it. There are very few ways to actually have a voice directly with the this is appreciated. And again...I'm not talking about people on this site, and the times when things like these happen are few and far between, but all of it does happen. I am also very thankful for my experiences, and do love the people I met and worked with. I had a great experience that will last a lifetime.

I do know that I sounded harsh and like I shouldn't be in customer service...and, to be honest, I really wasn't. I was a broadcast technician and the only time I really ever had to deal with guests was when I was shooting the cruise videos...which I absolutely loved doing. I was really lucky, and I loved interacting with the guests like that. I got the best of people...never the worst.

People didn't complain directly to me (except about things I really couldn't do anything about, so I'd pass the messages along). I never had to deal with lineups of people complaining at the front desk (usually about nothing), and then pretty much have to kiss butt, just to to make sure that they didn't get a bad comment in the comment cards (which are scrutinized beyond have no idea how seriously they take them). The only complaints I got were about the lack of programming on the onboard television, and honestly...if they understood ANYTHING about satellite television (and satellite television in INTERNATIONAL waters) they would have kept those comments to themselves. Just to get television on a moving ship is flat out amazing, even when you understand the technology. The fact that people complain about a lack of variety is incredibly ignorant and honestly pretty small-minded. Stay at home if your TV means that much to you...people watch too much TV.

And people take television for granted...even on land. I've heard it said that people think that us video producers just wave a magic video wand and television appears, but it's not like that at all. I worked pretty much 24/7 on those networks, and they were the biggest venue on the ship...not that I ever got any recognition for that. People always told me I didn't do anything, but I worked 12-14 hour days everyday, just to make it look like I wasn't doing anything.

Nobody ever once thanked me for the SuperBowl, nobody thanked me for the Oscars, or the Champions League, not one comment about the Final Four, or any of the Bowl Games. Not in the 10 years I was on ships, did ANYONE, EVER, thank me for one peace of television I ever delivered to them...even while the ship was moving at 20 knots, I might add. All I ever heard from guests was "why don't we have Domestic/US CNN or ESPN? (in Europe, where it's illegal)", or "why are there so many channels in spanish?", or "why aren't there enough channels in spanish?", or "why is the signal fading in and out? (when we're crossing the Atlantic)", or "why can't we just broadcast that, or this, or that...instead of this or that or this?", never thinking that everything costs money...and sometimes takes months of planning to make happen. I had someone demand Irish Rugby once...while we were crossing the date line in the Pacific. He told me that if I couldn't get ESPN Latin America to change their programming in half an hour, for him, that I should start looking for another job. I just smiled and told him I'd try. I did try. I got laughed off the phone by everyone at ESPN...which I thought was what would happen....but, we needed phone records of me trying, so that when he commented (and he did), that my butt was covered.

People get fired all the time because of what gets commented on. I don't think people realize that they destroy lives with those comments sometimes. I've seen long time employees (with a family back home to support) get fired because they wouldn't sleep with a guest...but then get charged with rape for turning her down. It's happened. That's why employees are PETRIFIED of going into cabins, unless they're working (and very rarely will they go in alone, unless they're cabin attendants or waiters). Some people just don't care about anyone except themselves...and crew members pay the price, 100% of the time.

As far as going toe-to-toe with a guest about deck's a battle we always lose, so we hardly fight it anymore. The awful guests that will hog chairs will also lie pathologically to Guest Relations about what that "horrible" crew member did, and there's no chance the crew member can fight that...they usually end up with written warnings, or just get sent home. As far as people making tips...maybe 10 years ago. Not now. Not with America on the verse of collapse. Revenues are way down, and the ships are having to add prices on everything, simply because people aren't paying for anything extra anymore. People aren't tipping like they used to. You might, but the majority doesn't. And the crew just keeps getting stretched thinner and thinner. Everytime a position empties, the company tries to get rid of it. The Oasis class ships have almost the same staffing as the Freedom class a lot of departments. It's hard to make everything happen on the same level when you only have half the resources available...and none of the time you used to have.

I hate to say it, but the industry survives off of employee fear, exploitation, and sometimes almost slavery (especially since the financial crash). Just look at the nationalities still working on ships. You don't see many Canadians, Western Europeans, or Americans working anymore. The ships don't really pay a living wage for people in those countries anymore (my wage was 35% LESS in 2010 than it was in 2000, and my hours/stress had almost doubled), so it's become all Filipino (and recently South America, where the people can be exploited even more).

Sure, there are still senior staff and officers making good money...and dining room managers making good tips, but that's about it. Nothing trickles down's basically slavery...and it's only because the people from these oppressed countries are such good people, that there is any service at all. If there were North Americans or Europeans in those jobs...the service would be horrible...beyond horrible. We're not as decent as they are...and we wouldn't deliver a fraction of what you're seeing on ships...if you knew how much they were taking home, and how they were living. We'd be on strike...or complaining so much that something got changed...just like we do when we're guests.

Anyways...that's a rant that I'm sure will stir the pot. I'm not trolling, and I have the utmost respect for the people on this forum. I'm not hating on anyone, but I'm just passing along experiences so that guests can help the crew make it a better environment for everyone. The crew do honestly love what they do, for the most part, but that should never be a reason to take advantage of someone. I'm sure you'd be less likely to work hard at your job if you were only taking home $200/mth...and that $200/mth wasn't worth what it used to be. It's hard....crew should be respected more in the whole equation. I honestly think there should be a union and a universal set of rules. Officers have it too good (and honestly, they have no transferrable job skills...many of them are the dumbest people onboard, but they run the show), and the crew have it horrible. There's a reason you don't see crew areas...and it's not safety. You're not seeing much video from down there either. It's not nearly as nice down there as it is up top...and most crew aren't even allowed up top, unless they're working. for thought.
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