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Talking Branson MO

Well, some years ago, a cousin planned a family reunion in Branson. I said, "What can they be thinking of?" I had heard the old story: What is the difference between Branson and Jurassic Park? ANS: One is a theme park full of old dinosaurs; the other one is a movie!

Now it is definitely true that Branson attracts a very ..... mature .... crowd. But it is an AMAZING place full of things to do! The main street, especiallly at night, is known as the world's longest parking lot. The crowds of people are overwhelming.

We went to the Andy Williams Show, with Glen Campbell as guest star. (Being in our 60's, we felt like some of the young folks there.) Tour leader after tour leader led their group in and plopped them in rows of reserved seats. The show was great.

The next night we were scheduled for Shoji Tabuchi, the violinist. I could not believe I had to listen to a violin for 2 hours. Wrong! It was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen, from the giant Japanese drums to the clowns flying through the air! Then, at intermission, everybody has to see the rest rooms. The Men's room has a billiard table in it, complete with a white gloved attendant to rack the balls up. (OK, no jokes on THAT one ...) The Lady's room is one of the major attractions of Branson, apparently with solid gold fixtures.

You will find Branson to be a very ....... INTERESTING ....... place to go!

But ... it's not a cruise, is it?

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