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Originally Posted by littlepockit View Post
Thanks so much, everyone!

I have been looking at John Heald's blog. He is very entertaining! We found the Fun Times for a similar crusie and that really helps to quell the anxiety. We are not anxious or nervous people, normally. I think we are just so excited about taking a family vacation (our first, ever!) that we can barely contain ourselves.

I am taking my Kindle. We are all pretty avid readers, so it may be a device we all will appreciate at some point on the ship. Luckily, it can hold a ton of books!

Again, thanks so much!
Super-glad your excited. I guess you found the Fun Times library on the bottom right of John's Blog page.

Paul Motter, just wrote a nice article about John here on Cruisemates. He is interesting, no doubt.

My wife took my iPad the first night I had it when she discovered she could d/l books.
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