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No beach to my knowledge in Falmouth. You probably will have to go to Dunns River on ship excursion. I was just at Falmouth on Allure - no beach just dock and shopping area. Obviously the area is still in the process of being built, construction equipment was in evidence. This might be an excuse for not having signage to assist the cruiser to go from the gangway through a building entering a courtyard and then proceeding to the dock shopping area. Most people go on bus tours or hire taxis which are accessed by walking to fenced area at the end of the dock. If you are not going on a bus tour you will waste your time going to that area and will be sent back by the police to the non signed entrance in the building. The police are in strong evidence all over the dock area. Once you get beyond the fenced in dock area you can walk into old town Falmouth. Be aware it is a poor area. There are no sidewalks. The buses and cars have little enough space to get by which leaves little space for pedestrians. There is a shopping area for the natives - don't expect to find bargains - under the blue tents about a half mile from the port area - you can see this blue tent from the Allure. Warning don't take pictures in this area - natives don't like to have their pictures. The goods in the native market are primarily meant to meet the domestic needs of the citizens. I would say don't go into this area and stick with the ship excursions.
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