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Im leaving sunday to go on Elation Monday. Was on her in Feb and have been to all your ports. Hard to me to pick excursions for someone else.

I am in a OV, thru cruise vouchers (the vouchers you buy on ebay), so Im going on the cheap.

Mobile Bay Adventure Inn is charging $5 a day for parking. Seems safer than parking under the bridge. I plan on staying there, but they are reorganizing and a bit scattered and its far from a fancy place. Im driving 11 1/2 hours in from Dallas, so I just want a place to sleep and park.

If you just need parking, you might consider their $5 a day parking is why I mention them at all.

I would say the vast majority stay at Microtel in Saraland, not close to the port but they will shuttle you back and forth.

Here are some other cruise deals, hotel with parking. Some close enough to walk to the port.

Mobile Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau - Official Tourism and Convention Website for Mobile Alabama

If you have any ship questions ...ask away.
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