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Default River Levels

My first attempt to post these questions was apparently lost in cyber space so I'll try once more.

We've booked our first European River Cruise this fall. It's the Viking October 22nd Budapest to Amsterdam.

While we're prepared to encounter iffy weather we'd given no thought to water levels. We're from the "Great White North" and know how to prepare for cold weather -- and rainy.

I read Steve Toner's warning with interest and concern.
  • Water levels would be the same for any line. Do other lines handle such events differently? If so how?
We've enjoyed cruises on both the Yangze and Nile as pleasant interruptions in exhaustive land travels -- a tour in the Middle East and independent travel in Asia.

We 've made several trips to Europe, travelling on our own but decided it was time for the 'easy route.'

Given we've booked and paid, we're locked in, but could the experts prepare us for the worst or best?
  • Is the late fall a risky time to risk a river cruise? Is it the norm to encounter either high or I suspect more likely low levels? Is there a norm in these rapidly changing weather conditions?
Thanks in advance,

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