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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
I have been all over East Tennessee. I'm not going o say there aren't any. But I have never personally ever observed that I can remember, any signs as you have described around here AR, whether it be those (and I agree tacky) lighted signs with moveable letters nor especially any tablaeus whatsoever of those which you describe.

Although a very conservative part of the country and yes, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, such trash would never be tolerated in this county and I think I'm safe in saying, most other East Tennessee counties. Yeah, we have our redneck "trash" just as Washington and New York have their "trash." But they're certainly not even a significant minority and the only people they impress are themselves.

Glad to hear it. I believe in the First Amendment with all my soul, and sometimes it's necessary to pay a personal price for that belief. When I experience stuff like that I often literally weep.

I'm afraid my only Tennessee adventures have been in the vicinity of Nashville, where I've been pleased to visit a number of times. We were there just last summer and had a great time--again with a friend who lives there. He's a transplanted Broadway musical director who has been recording down there for years (best studios, best musicians, best engineers, according to him), and all of his friends there finally convinced him to pull up stakes on W44th St. in Manhattan and come to Nashville to live. Having been a guest at some of his recording sessions I can certainly understand why he loves working there. And having sat in bars and restaurants (and in our friend's house) with some of the finest studio session players in this or any other country, I can certainly see why he feels at home there.
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