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Originally Posted by skymaster View Post
Just off "Dream", and wandered into the big theater about 45 minutes early, to see one of the big production shows. I found a man, and two 8 year olds, attempting to save the entire center section, front row. I politely informed them that seat saving wasn't allowed. The 8 year old girl told me I could sit in the second row. That didn't sit real well with me. I sat down, and enjoyed the show, from my usual seat. They didn't like me much, but frankly,,,I didn't care!

Good for you! As I recall, besides not saving seats, children aren't allowed in the first three rows at the show's? We don't go to the show's much anymore, but we did run into "seat saving" one morning when we went to the theatre to meet for a shore excursion. I just plopped myself down in the first available seat (cane in hand). What do people NOT understand about "have your whole party together" before you come to the "meeting place", ??
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