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No I never did get an answer. We did not use them. We ended up using enterpise at the pier. It was a little pricier. Be aware things have changed since the last time we rented. There was a thread about a guy who hit two locals on a motorcycle. They were injured, but not severely. He had to come up with a bunch of cash to get out of jail. The insurance did not help. It was for lost wages of the two guys as they healed. He spent several days in jail. I will now stick to taxis. We have been to Coz 7 times, so seen about all we need to see.
Small world. Don't know any McElheanys now. Knew some back in the old days. I knew a Jim in High School, would be about 62 now. You know the 60's. Enjoy your cruise. Cozumel is a beautiful, and a pretty safe place.
Gary I.
PS you really had to dig to find this thread
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