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Thank you, DeeDee, you are correct. There are actually two webcams (did alittle more research on them after I posted my query) and the one which you mention is on a home's palm tree. The home has an orange roof, white canopy, a couple of palm trees out back and a flag pole. This person,I understand, charges to take photos.

The one which I was referring to, which is PortFever, is located on the building which I mentioned above. They are located on the third floor, end apartment, on the left side (as you look over at the building come in from the ocean). The gentleman who ran it just sent me an email. Hoping to look directly into the camera next time, now that I know where to look. Also hoping to see many of you there as well! It is between 2 & 3rd floor and you will see it hanging down somewhat. Building's name is Point of America.

Happy cruising and hoping the weather, esp. in Alabama and Georgia, is safe for all of you.

PS. Will anyone be doing a quick transatlantic to go to the wedding tommorrow?

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