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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Oh yeah - one Azamara I figured that my "breakfast order" card - which I had put out the night before requesting 8:00 service, could be intercepted by my butler at 6:30 (when I accidentally woke up) and that he could change the time - worked like a charm.

That IS what a butler is for (as I wrote in my column "What are Butlers For?")

Why do Cruise Ships Have Butlers?
by Paul Motter
What is the role of a cruise ship butler, and do we really need one? We ask Leslie Philpott, purveyor of butler services to Azamara Cruises. Go>

And you can go back a couple of years to the article I wrote about the day I worked as a bulter.
Cruise Opinion and Humor; The Butler's Tale
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