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Originally Posted by jerryblchr View Post
I read somewhere that the Valor has karaoke with a live band. Is this true?
I don't know for sure if "Valor" has it, but they probably do by now. It's called "Superstar Live Karaoke", and it amounts to singing from a list of about 100 songs. The "Band" consists of a guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. (At least that's what they had on "Dream" a couple of weeks ago.) It is a lot of fun, but I found the song list to be somewhat lacking. Of course, it might be exactly what you like to sing, so I can't say that for everyone. In any case, it's something different, and fun. I wound up singing "Jailhouse Rock", and "Crazy".
Have a GREAT time aboard, and I hope Valor has "Superstar Live Karaoke".


Oh yea,,,forgot to say that YES, the words do come up on a monitor for you,,,just like regular karaoke.
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