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I have insurance too - but am also a chicken! My sister just was delayed big time on her flight - and its not even bad weather/hurricane season in most areas. We opted to fly in the day before for our cruise on the dream- the hotels arn't that expensive for piece of mind and one day in orlando will be fun. Gonna hit places like ripleys and Wonderworld and dinner show before we head out the next a.m. for the Dream. Make sure you fly in the day ahead when going to alaska. We have been twice (OMG it is beautiful) and the first time we were delayed and the airline had to put us up at a hotel in our connection area to fly out the next a.m.!! If we were not flying in a day ahead - we would have missed the ship! Made me a believer! Enjoy, have fun and post something!!! I am on the Dream in Jan!
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