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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
Hope you have fun on your cruise. One thing I find interesting is comparing this cruise to ths Sapphire cruise nice to see what the diffrences are. I think you have to keep in mind that the Crystal cruise cost 4 times as much as the Sapphire cruise and a suite cost 20 thousand so you might be comparing a cadalac to a volkswagon.
Dh.. I agree you can't not make direct comparisons. You do have to keep in mind that one is considered a "Premium Brand" and the other a "Luxury Brand".

However, the areas I am comparing... like the extra sheet (which I believe would actually save $, not having to launder duvets as often, and is more sanitary) or the quality of the toilet paper... is not to say Princess should have the same 500 thread count Eygptian sheets, or the same toilet paper. But I do think there are areas I'm comparing where Princess should raise their standards enough to justify their remaining in the "Premium Brand" category.

Of course luxury brands have to offer more for the fares they charge, but I'm also trying to explain why some people will choose to pay those fares. It really isn't about being rich. There are people paying very similar fares to Crystal for suites on the mass market and premium lines.

Whether Crystal is a better choice for those people is their own personal decision.

Plus, with some searching of dates and offers available on Crystal I think your price comparison is not entirely accurate. You can certainly sail on this ship for less than $20,000. I believe I saw some of their standby fare offerings in the $5000 range. And their regular rates include airfare and a pretty hefty onboard credit.
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