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Originally Posted by cruiseN4life View Post
I have cruised with Carnival a lot and have had that last minute cruise fever a few days before a cruise. If you are serious about cruising on the Destiny(nice ship) then I would indeed call carnival asap and ask to be put on a waitlist. If again you are serious you can offer to put down a deposit showing you are a serious inquiry. A lot of times you will get that magic call and your on the ship.

But if you are flying a ways to miami then for your airfare especially last minute may cost you a nifty penny.
Thanks a lot for the info, cruisN4life! I did not know about the waitlist option so I'll know better for next time. What I should have done on this trip was book the cabin a few weeks ago and then cross my fingers that a person on this board would have been able to accompany me before the cruise departed.

Regarding the flights, I have a couple of friends in the airline business so I am able to fly somewhat last minute on their buddy passes and at a pretty decent price. I would have attempted to arrive in Miami on the Saturday, which would allow a couple of days leeway just in case there were any hiccups.

I did see pictures of the Carnival Destiny and you are totally correct, the ship looks like a very nice ship! I'm sure I'll be kicking myself by the time departure time for the boat arrives lol.

Thanks for the interest shown in my thread to all of you and happy cruising!
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