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Originally Posted by smitch18 View Post
I was recently savagely attacked in a bar in Huatulco. When I checked with a witness she told me that she had been mugged in the street involving punches to the face and a knife. When I mentioned this to a friend she said that she had heard of several identical cases against Canadian women in the street.
Any time I see a negative post as the OP's first post I get curious. This in particular was not cruise related.

Turns out the OP is a local to the area...see Santa Cruz Huatulco Warnings or Dangers - Travel Safety Tips - VirtualTourist
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smitch18's Santa Cruz Huatulco Travel Page

Looking further is this ...Danger in Huatulco
where you find their IP/Host:

Most at that board call BS on the story. One poster does say this....

" I HAV heard of a recent 'mugging' type occurrence within the past month or so. A very inebriated canadian gentleman was knocked down and robbed, while walking to his home in La C, from a mainstream bar in the square. The man seems to have chosen a dimly lit street with many newly popped up cantinas, as his route homeward (which is where the occurrence took place. It seems he took this route home almost EVERY night, as his stumbling path home.
I certainly am sorry that this happened to this man, though i have to guess that if he were not so openly drunk all the time, then he would never have been such an easy target.
This is not indicative of Huatulco, more like something that would happen anywhere if you never vary your routine or use your head... This sadly, was a person who has little self control, slight observation skills and a bit naive overall, it seems...."

Just sayin'.
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