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Why does this bother you so? I have absolutely no issues with an old post resurfacing since that is where I met my last roomy for my march to april cruise and I couldn't have asked for a better roomy. I find myself making sure I look at this one when it does come up, already looking for my next one. So just don't look at it anymore when it does come up if it frustrates you that much. Unreal. It is still serving it's purpose. You really do not own this site and do not need to constantly be getting on here insulting people. It is plain rude and uncalled for. People are on here looking for other friendly people to go have a great vacation and escape the craziness and possibly rudeness of this world and then get on here and get more from you and a coupe other people. It is plain wrong. If you do not like old post that come up, ignore them and go find something constructive to do.
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