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At Sea - May 3 Cont’d
This evening was the second formal night onboard The Symphony. It was also the night of the Crystal Society (repeaters club) cocktail party, which I had been invited to even though this is my first Crystal cruise.

The guests onboard were not “dressed to kill” so much, as they were the first formal night. Many more men were dressed in suits, and even a few in sports coats. While ladies were still in gowns or cocktail dresses, there didn’t seem to be as much presence of “haute couture” as there was on the first formal night.

The theme for the dining room menu tonight was French, and the feature items of the menu seemed to be the escargot, the rack of lamb, and the Grand Marnier Soufflé. The lamb didn’t appear to be near as nice as it was when served in Prego a few nights back. I opted for a veal dish that was, frankly, underwhelming.

The waiter didn’t seem to have control of the bottle of Grand Marnier, as he seemed to splash it as he poured it into the soufflé. Though that caused everyone at the table who ordered it to get a significant amount of alcohol in their soufflé.

The pictures below are really cute charger plates used tonight.

The seas today were choppy all day, and open decks remained closed into the evening. Tonight’s scheduled production show had to be cancelled. The Cruise Director actually did a good job of rescheduling events for the entire day, and got a new entertainment schedule for the evening, printed and delivered to each cabin prior to dinner.

After dinner tonight, rather than attend the rescheduled show, I went to the casino for about an hour. By now we’ve pretty much got a regular crew of table game players, and I’ve had some good times, and good socializing. Fortunately, I’ve been holding my own in the wins and losses column, so things have been ok on that end.

From the casino, I decided to check out Luxe. Luxe is the ship’s disco, with a fellow Canadian (though across the country, from Montreal), Mark as the DJ. I got there about midnight, and tonight that was definitely where the party was. The dance floor was hopping, and the small bar pretty much full. Seemed the production show troupe were taking advantage of having the night off, and were doing it in the disco. I think I enjoyed watching them having a great time on the dance floor in the disco, than watching their choreographed numbers in the showroom. Here they were really having fun.

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