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Question Offending passengers?

Originally Posted by RichC View Post
Most people do dress up on formal nights in the dining room but the adherence to the dress code is not enforced that strongly. As long as someone makes an effort they'll be admitted to dine. I stopped by the dining room on a formal night for some information dressed in jeans & T shirt & the head waiter was ready to seat me. It's gotten to the point they they don't want to offend any passenger for any reason.
And frankly, thereby they offend me. Rules are rules, whether rules of law or rules of decent social conduct. When those in authority allow people to openly flaunt the rules without enforcing them, we get all those trucks driving 75 on the freeway and those people who can't seem to manage to dress decently for dinner on cruise ships.

I would rather see honest enforcement than not wanting to offend anyone!

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