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Default What would stop you from cruising?

I got to thinking about my first cruise today and thought I'd ask you guys this question. My first cruise was on the Conquest out of Galveston. We were newbies with an oceanview cabin, so we did not have VIP check in. We had an hour or hour and a half wait getting in and a nice little wait for customs coming off. There were long lines both ways.

I overheard a conversation while standing in line waiting for customs on return to port. Appearantly these two ladies had met while waiting in line to get on the ship. The one asked the other if she liked the cruise. The woman said yes but that she'd never cruise again. Asked why, she responded that she did not like the long lines getting on and off the ship.

My mouth still drops to this day when I think about that. I've done another cruise since then, and I stood in a long line to get on the ship, although customs at Long Beach is sort of a joke. No problem with a long line getting off of that one. Maybe I'm asking the wrong people because it's probably safe to say that we are all addicted. I would never let something like standing in line get in my way of going on a cruise. In fact, the only things I can think of are things that would keep anyone from going...poor health, lack of time, lack of money, etc...

So, would anything put you off cruising?
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