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Originally Posted by Moiraine View Post
Maybe I'm asking the wrong people because it's probably safe to say that we are all addicted. I would never let something like standing in line get in my way of going on a cruise.
We enjoy cruising, and nothing but a disability would keep us from cruising when we want to. But I suspect you're right that you're asking the wrong people. Most who post here seem to be die-hards, and I know that, at least in the past, a number of people were cruisers to the exclusion of all other types of serious travel. So that sort of devotion makes this board a lousy "sample" for your question.

We spread our travel experiences around, and I would say that cruises account for roughly a third to a quarter of our major trips.

I know that because so many here are so addicted to cruising, they're truly stunned when others find fault with it for one reason or another. Me, I just shrug. We've never tried to convince anybody to go on a cruise, nor have we ever dissuaded them. People's preferences vary, and what might not bug us bugs them. That's what makes the world go around. What's right for them is right for them.
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