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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
Well now you got my interest there must be a story in there do share.
Well, I've posted about this cruise before, but in a nut shell, the lovely Mrs. Jones (Vita) and I recently sailed on one of our favorite ships (Carnival Miracle) only to find that the great majority of the onboard entertainment was either non existent, or was running late, or had some other problem. The cruise directors staff ALL had an attitude, and didn't mind letting everyone know about it. They all had inside jokes, most of which was directed at the passengers. Everything that was wrong with that cruise was part of what the cruise director was supposed to do, and the cruise director was Malcolm Burn. I even had a conversation with him about the problems, and he let me know that he was just too busy to take care of business! (He did have plenty of time to do "other things" that he felt like doing however. I won't go into that!) As a result, I'll never sail with him again.

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