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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
And frankly, thereby they offend me. Rules are rules, whether rules of law or rules of decent social conduct. When those in authority allow people to openly flaunt the rules without enforcing them, we get all those trucks driving 75 on the freeway and those people who can't seem to manage to dress decently for dinner on cruise ships.

I would rather see honest enforcement than not wanting to offend anyone!
Well I guess you'll be seeing the trucks slowing down to the posted limit before you'll see Princess enforce any dress limitations.
The way Princess enforces their dress code is just fine by me.....dress up for your own enjoyment or dress casually since they realize your on vacation. People who dress down take nothing away from those that do.
When the day arrives that they serve the same food at the buffet is when I'll stop going to the dining room in the formal evenings but in the mean time maybe a more formal cruise line like Cunard would be better suitable for a formal dining experience.
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