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Well, I am back! I had surgery on 4-20. All went well and I am bored out of my gourd!!! Had to stay at hospital two nights and then home, where everything has been moving smoothly. I had PT daughter home when I came home and doctor daughter with me during the following week. Now, I am taking out the dogs and doing dishes and laundry. I go back to the doctor next week to hopefully lose the neck collar. Glad I did this now and not in the middle of summer. Neck collar is like wearing 30 turtlenecks all at once.

Shortly after surgery, the pain in my neck, shoulders, biceps and numbness in my hands pretty much all disappeared. There is some pain, but it is a different type of pain.

It is a sunny day here, first in forever. The farmers are getting very, very antsy; as they have yet to get into the fields and plant anything! Hopefully it will dry up soon and they can plant and everything in the brown fields will turn green!

Holly is now almost five months old. She is about 17.5 pounds and a little terror. Mia, the older dog, loves to romp and play fight with her.

Have a good day all!
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