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Good morning everyone:

Haimia: Glad to know the surgery went well. I know that post surgery can be boring but don't too much too soon.

I'm late today because the Dish tech just left. I "tried" to swap out the DVR yesterday. Everything went well until the "guide" was downloaded. From there on it was nothing but flaky problems and four calls to Dish. The problem was that the replacement unit had a bad hard drive or was possessed by Trip's electronics demon. Net, Net they dispatched a tech, with a new unit, for this morning. He showed up promptly at 8:00 a.m. with the new unit. Guess what??? It didn't work!!!

He had a "better" unit on the truck so I got that one. Now I have a brand new unit with 80 hours of HD recording time and more features. I just finished programming it so all is ready.

We are now getting ready to head to my granddaughter's school for their Spring pageant. Then tomorrow is "Grandparents Day" at her school so we'll be going to school two days in a row.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday. Go out and make the most of it.

Take care,
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