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Originally Posted by BopDoc View Post
Kuki, I have been enjoying your posts which I have been catching up on all at once. If you remember, we traveled together on the previous Princess voyage. We were the newly married couple from Goodyear, AZ, Mark and Gail.I'm so sorry to hear that your mom took ill and wish her as well as all your family the best. Hope you get some improved weather on the remainder of your trip, if not, you have the mid 90's to look foward to on your arrival back in the valley of the sun.
Yes, of course I remember smoking buddies from the Churchill Lounge.

Appreciate your thoughts regarding my mother. I'm staying in touch with the situation as best I can.

We had better weather on our return portion of the itinerary last time, with you on the Sapphire Princess. Seas are quite choppy, and weather that keeps most everyone indoors.

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