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Default Release Photo of Bin Laden or not?

Interesting question.

I am basically not in favor of releasing the death photo of Usama Bin Laden simply because the Secretary of Defense thinks it might be harmful to our troops not to mention that such photos can be extremely traumatic to many people (and believe me, that I know). People say they released photos of Hussein's sons but then by that time, he was a defeated enemy. Nevertheless, they were released to reassure the Iraqi population. I really don't think they needed to be published in this country but all that falls under what I call "rubbernecking a severe car wreck syndrome" so it would happen.

On the flip side, there are untold numbers of anti-Bin Laden Muslins who have said they need to see a picture because they have been lied to so many times by their rulers/regimes that they are afraid to believe a claim of this magnitude of any Government. There has been talk of releasing DNA evidence which is certainly sufficient for most in the West (barring of course the lunatic fringe). It should be noted that the above people don't even believe Al Quaeda (or whatever this week's spelling of that organization is) saying he has been "martyred." They also don't have a clue as to what DNA testing is and probably wouldn't believe that themselves.

So, there are valid points to both sides. Therefore............

What is your opinion and why, if you are so inclined to respond?

Thanks for your input.


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