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AR..Donald Trump did not pay his investigators their fee from the birth certificate job, so his credit is no good in that arena ::..I think the administration is prepared to ride out the short term firestorm and the Republicans have enough political sense to only stir the pot just so much (without having their fingerprints on it) and instead focus on the torture information provide the key link to this mission angle instead..going to Ground Zero yesterday and the manner in which POTUS Obama conducted himself IMHO struck the delicate balance that gave the American public will be interesting to hear Sec. Gates (whom I bet will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom) take on this issue, since he worked for both administrations..class act that Mayor Rudy G., was with the POTUS yesterday and Donald R. was with VPOTUS Biden at the Pentagon...believe it or not, I understand why former POTUS Bush declined to participate...
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