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Default Carnival Magic From Galveston

Peggy and I just booked a cruise on Carnival Magic from Galveston for May 13th 2012. It is Eastern Caribbean with stops at Nassau, Freeport and Key West. It would be nice is some other Cruisemates would join us. Trip's blogs make the ship sound very interesting.

This cruise is to make up for the lousy one we had on Voyager in March. I didn't post on here, but Peggy slipped and fell in the wet painted shuffleboard on the lifeboat drill the first day. It was slippery like ice and the deck was crowded so she couldn't see it. She spent the whole cruise in bed and didn't even get to eat in the dining room one night. They took four x rays of her back, but couldn't see any break. I did manage to take her our in a wheel chair a few times.

She has been slowly been getting better tha last two months. She can walk unaided a block or more now, but sitting on a hard chair is still painful. It is a good sign that she gets by with no medication.

For anyone sailing on a Voyager class ship, watch out for the shuffelboard during life boat drill, particularly if it is damp.
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