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Originally Posted by AR View Post
If our zeal to rub our revenge in the faces of the world were to result in the release of the photos, those photos would be used by our enemies as a shrine for bin Laden, a rallying point for those who hate us. It would feed the vicious circle of hate and one-upsmanship that we should be trying to break.

And the release of photos would do nothing to help me remember 9/11. I was lucky that I didn't lose any family or friends, but one son was and still is a pilot for an airline based in Dallas. He lost comrades just as surely as the firefighters and the police did. Our other son was on his way to work in lower Manhattan, but stopped off at the NYU gym to work out. If he hadn't, who knows? And my wife was in an office building a block and a half from the White House, where the Shanksville plane may or may not have been headed (it was either there or the Capitol).

Most Americans have ties to 9/11, even if they're two or three degrees of separation away. Those who don't will still remember, and graphic death photos will do nothing to refresh memories that can never be dimmed.

Getting the job done in a workmanlike way and moving on to the next item on the agenda represents the best of who we are. Bombast and chest-thumping do not.
I was supposed to meet a friend that morning at the WTC but he changed the meeting date to the following day .He died that day saving others .He was a highly decorated Vietnam War soldier ,a highly decorated NYC police officer (retired)and Chief of Security of a company at the WTC . I have been to every US city that has a 911 Memorial wall and have had as my avatar a photo of the NYC wall .
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