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I can only share our experience. It was truly a mess and it wasn't so much the fault of Celebrity as it was our fellow passengers. Some passengers (and it wasn't a few!!) decided to blow-off their scheduled time to meet with Customs and Immigration and go to breakfast or sleep in. This left others (including my husband and friends) waiting and waiting while the Celebrity staff and crew tried to track them down. This pushed OUR appointment time to later and later. Passengers who were on time were backed up the stairs and down the halls....some in their robes and slippers because they had an early appointment but now were afraid to leave the line because then their appointment time would be pushed back even later! We've cruised since this incident and have never encountered this type of experience again...but you never I wouldn't count on being off ship at might...but I wouldn't count on it if you are trying to make a flight. Again this was our personal experience with Celebrity Customs and Immigration...and it might not reflect the experience of others... maybe we were just lucky...
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