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- At Sea on Symphony - May 6 ‘11
Today may be a report on some odds & ends, that I’ve yet to talk about.
My PH suite is 387 sq. ft. with balcony. There are 2 levels of PH Suite above this category suite.

The Penthouse Suite comes with the use of a butler, as I’ve explained previously. His services (or overnight, those of attendant) are available 24 hrs a day.

As well as delivering my morning coffee or breakfast each morning, if I chose to, he would deliver what I ordered from any of the restaurants or dining rooms onboard, and serve them course by course in my suite.
The suite comes equipped with a rather unique coffee table, with a built in hydraulic system to raise it to regular table height. It also has the ability to fold out forming a regular sized table to dine at.

One of the perks of the PH is complimentary service. David, the Butler, removes and delivers any items left out for pressing, as well as laundry I want to send out.

The PH suite comes with a complimentary bar set up, including a bottle of white and a bottle of red wine, as well as a bottle of Champagne, and a choice of two full sized 1 Liter bottles of liquor, from a liquor menu. And the beer and sodas are complimentary, and restocked as used. My tablemates have been the benefactors of the complimentary wines and champagnes, as I’m not much of a drinker.

Each day at around 5 P.M. David delivers a plate of appetizers to the suite. He always tells me what the item for the next day is. If I prefer something different, I simply have to tell him what my preference would be, and it is delivered.

I believe in every cabin, not just PH suites, there’s a large Crystal Umbrella, binoculars, house coats and Kimonos, for the guests to use while they are onboard. You’re welcome to take the umbrellas off the ship for shore tours, but are expected to leave them behind at the end of the cruise.

Reflections, the ship’s daily newsletter, is the best I’ve seen on a ship. It is very comprehensive, offering profiles on everyone from ship’s officers, to entertainers and lectures through the course of the cruise. Included is a single sheet detailing the schedule of that day’s activities.

My biggest solo pet peeve, of what I refer to as “Ship Spam” (junk mail delivered to the cabins much too often, unsolicited) is of no concern on this trip. Aside from Reflections nothing is delivered to my cabin that is not of use; nothing where the sole purpose is advertising.

Along the way on this trip I’ve also met some interesting “characters”. I’ve mentioned several of the more “unique” ones. A player in the casino said to the dealer; “can you make me rich?”, to which the dealer replied; “you already are rich”. “You’re right; very rich!” , said the player, as he bet $5.
I do also have a correction of sorts to make about an earlier statement, when I said I wasn’t getting chocolates on my pillow at night. It’s correct that I am not getting them on my pillow. However, there is a box of chocolates that sits on my dresser, and I discovered it gets replenished each time I eat some of the chocolates. It could be a chocolate lovers ultimate dream; a bottomless box of chocolates.

As the weather was coolish again today, and the seas still choppy, I spent part of the afternoon packing. Yes, the cruise is coming to it’s last day.

But… tonight is our final formal night. I’m going to have a shower, turn my underwear inside out, and put on my Tux. I’ll report back later, if it’s an interesting night.
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