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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
First of all Henry, I'm sorry but I think I know what source you are citing and that is not a true news source at all but is very progressively biased as opposed to something such as NBC, CBS, ABC or The New York Times in a news rather than opinion piece all of the aforementioned which by the way, would give their collective right arms to confirm such an allegation.

According to Pentagon/CIA sources, including an individual on site at the time of the raid, the team didn't even start up the stairs to the second and third floors for probably as long as ten-fifteen minutes as they destroyed the helicopter and gathered up computers, discs, hard drives, etc. Among them was a dog and some CIA operatives. After all, Bin Laden wasn't going anywhere anyway. Upon starting up the stairs, his 19 year old son came charging down the stairs and was dead before he hit the stairs. They were confronted by UBL's wife who came at them hysterically and was shot in the leg (SEALS don't kill women and children unless it is completely unvoidable -- they are conatantly training on shoot-don't shoot scenarios and their reaction time is phenomenal). As they burst into the room on the third floor, it was full of women and children including Bin Laden's three year old son. I think it of note that Bin Laden was standing behind the women and children with a dazed and extremely frightened look on his face, An opinion was put forth that it is possible he thought he would be taken alive. The SEALS made it a point to get the children and most of the women out of the room when they noticed he was within reach of an AK-47 and a Makarov (Russian) automatic pistol. There was absolutely no hesitation by the SEALS, he was blown away. From the time they charged up the stairs to finishing the job took less than thirty seconds. The average age of the SEALS involved (as some will find surprising) is 38 years of age.

The average SEAL fires in a year as many or more rounds as many police departments will in requalifying all of their officers. They are, as I think everyone now understands, the best in the world at what they do.

My source is not from the written media .I'll just leave it as that.I erred in posting .
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