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Evening at Sea - May 6

My butler David delivering my daily 5PM snack.

Apparently last night, when tablemate Anthony and I dined at Prego, we were replaced at our regular dining room table by some friends our tablemates had met. They said they had a wonderful time, and Vlada, the Head Waiter for our section of the dining room entertained them all night. So apparently, Anthony and I are the ďdudsĒ at the table, and why the other nights have been so boring.

Iím kidding. I wasnít even going to talk about my tablemates until tomorrow night, because then I could get off the ship Sunday, before they saw me to smack me. But, since I have the time tonight, Iíll have to say nice things about them.

Our dining room table consists of Anthony from New York, Susan from Las Vegas, Glen and Barbara from Florida, and Gary and Mary from the San Francisco area, and me. Iím the only virgin in the bunchÖCrystal virgin, that is.

Theyíve been very kind to me all week, and since Maui when I got the news my mother was ill, dining with them, and them tolerating my silliness during dinners has been a great help, and a big help taking my mind off of the situation, at least for a little while, and I very much appreciate the welcome Iíve received at the table, and the warmth theyíve shared with me over the past 13 nights.

Each and every one of them, and their lives has a story. But theyíre not that interesting, soÖ thatís me kidding again. Iíve enjoyed their company a great deal, and I think Iíve finally convinced them (or is that conned them?) into believing Iím a writer.

The Crystal Dining Room was a bit late opening for late seating tonight. Iím not quite sure why, but I suspect it was because there was a Captainís Farewell Reception prior to dinner; possibly the galley had been overwhelmed with the appetizers for the reception.

Once the doors were opened and we were seated, the pace of service seemed to be off throughout the meal. The food was very good, but the pace was off, so we didnít end up leaving the dining room until 10:45 P.M.

If I were European Iíd probably just be going out for dinner, but as I am not, I came straight back to the suite to check for email from Mrs. Kuki, and finish todayís piece.

Our Dining Room Staff

I have a decision to make tomorrow, whether I am going to fly directly home from LA, or go back to Arizona for 1 day, to pick up my belongings as planned.
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