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I have been following your cruise and am sorry about your Mom's illness, but am happy she seems to be on the mend. It is a terrible position to be in. I had a similar situation when I had just moved to Australia and my dad was ill. It just changes the entire experience from one of optimism to 'just get me through this'.

As for your cruise experience, the differences in perceptions from your cruise to mine (I sailed on the cruise just before - which you can read the eleven part series at is why it is so important for folks to not read one review and think it represents what their, personal, cruise experience will be.

Your focus has been so much on the golf aspect of the cruise and, of course, has been colored by your "fun" having been curtailed. (What a trouper you have been! Bravo!) You also have been making comparisons to Princess, which really has me shaking my head at times. To be sure, my experience and my take on my first Crystal cruise has been significantly different and, of course, I had only one sea day. But this is your cruise and your experience.

Best of luck with your mom and safe journey home...whichever path you take.
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