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Originally Posted by venice View Post
our government can always release the photos at a much later time.once you let the cat out the bag, you can't put it back..I think everyone (including Fox), should step back and breathe...I suspect based upon the intelligence gathered at the raid, there might be some other terror threats/actions going on that the NSC is dealing with and the pictures might be used as a triggering device...

I doubt if there is anyone (maybe Kuki) that post on these boards is old enough to remember when we bombed Hiroshima during WW2 or when our troops liberated the death camps in Europe..watching the history channel and seeing the pictures makes me wonder what the reaction was of the American public (can you just imagine if we had 24/7 CNN/MSNBC/Fox cable coverage today during that time period), but at that point we had just about won in both theatres of war...we are not in that position with the war on terror..POTUS Obama siding on the reason of caution, is not the popular decision at the moment in some circles, but it's the right one IMHO , for our national security and peace of mind..there should not be one person alive that does not have a 99.9999999 % sense that OBL is dead..why does one need to see pictures (except maybe for Donald Trump)

I was watching the news that indicated that we just missed with a drone strike to getting the #3 guy
Oh I beleive he is dead They went ahead and released pictures of his dead hinchmen! I didnt hear about anyone freaking out about those pictures!. And now they are going to release some of his home videos so we can see what life was like in the compound well isnt that sweet I hope it wasnt to unpleasant for him! Why are they releasing those videos I dont hear no one complaing about those! And how many people will take a little peak at that little jewells? Do we really need to know what his life was like who cares? .And in my IMHO I really dont think releasing a picture of this piece of trash dead is going to start any wars! I kind of think that most of the people in the terrorist world Already know that he is dead.Just how will it put are troops in danger ? Dont you think just the act of killing him would push these nuts over the edge? Or that they wouldnt care until they saw a picture? Show the picture we have the chose to look at every other picture they can digup!Freedom of chose .
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