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- Heading to Ensenada - May 7

Yesterday I forgot to mention that all passengers could pick up their passports, which had been collected during the embarkation process. During our interview, I had asked Hotel Director, Josef Matt, the reason for collecting the passports, and didnít really receive an answer that had any particular reasoning. Picking up the passports yesterday made it even more to difficult to understand the policy; unless historically theyíve found too many passengers misplace their passports during the cruise, so they collect them as a precaution.

This morning, special interest lecturer Jeff Greenberg, an Emmy Award winning casting director, how over the years has worked as casting director for many hit shows, and movies (like Frasier). He won his first Emmy for the newest hit on TV, Modern Family.

Mr. Greenberg showed the original pilot episode on the big screen, afterwards explaining how each of the main characters was cast. It was interesting to hear which actors had been offered particular parts in the show, and turned it down (mostly for monetary reasons), and how the producers made their final decisions. Though still working on Modern Family, filling all the guest spot parts, Mr. Greenberg also just completed work on a new pilot, Family Album; crossing his fingers that it to gets picked up as a series.

This was the final session, of 3 presentations Mr. Greenberg made during the cruise, and every session was fun, interesting, and enjoyable. Todayís was so well attended it was moved to the large showroom in the Galaxy Lounge.

Returning to my suite I received a message that the situation at home is not good. Iíve changed my plans, and booked a direct flight from LAX home tomorrow afternoon. I pray I get home in time!

Due to circumstances, this will be the last installment I post on this Virtual Cruise. I thank Crystal for graciously hosting me on this cruise, and you the readers for crusiing along. And some time in the future, after life settles down, I will be posting a summary and writing a full review.
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