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Originally Posted by venice View Post
Sky...were you working an undercover vice detail when you met the dispatcher ::
HA HA! It's funny that you said that, because more often than not, the "street cops" who didn't know me, thought that's what I was, because I had longer hair than most of the others around the office. Fact is, that I am a computer engineer, and I worked a number of different agencies, installing, and maintaining the very first "computer aided dispatch systems" for them. You'll remember these devices as "The Computers In The Cars", where the police cars were dispatched via computer, and they could run "wants and warrants" from the cars without ever having to talk to a dispatcher. Pretty futuristic for the late 1970's. (Damn,,,that's over 40 years ago!) Anyway, I had a GREAT time doing that work, and working with some excellent people, and police agencies.

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