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Originally Posted by Master Chief View Post
Sure made me look foolish. I wondered why I didn't get a response. Now I know. Teach me to follow the crowd like a lemming! :-)
Not at all, Thom! All of us have done the very same thing. It's really not that hard to make your own list and everyone has different "must haves". For instance, we like our own insulated cups and a travel pillow and my Kindle. A lot of people could do without all three and have a wonderful time .

I keep a Word Doc and I make adjustments depending on where we're going (Alaska, Caribbean ).

I'd suggest you start with the simple stuff: underwear, socks, T's, shorts, collared shirt's, slacks, RX, bathroom stuff, etc., and then add the "extra's", like my cup and pillow. I also put the "things to do before we leave", on my list.

We've really cut down on what we take since our first cruise. We re-wear things that aren't really dirty (for instance, I'll put on a clean top and a skirt for dinner, then wear the top the next day with shorts) and we do a load of laundry if needed. Everyone, remember: other people really don't notice what you're wearing unless it's outrageous!

I only bring 5 pairs of shoe's: one pair of white deck shoes, one pair of walking shoes, one pair of casual sandels, one pair of flip-flops, and a pair of dress sandels. (Shoe's are the heaviest things in your luggage.)

Good luck with your list ,
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