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Originally Posted by Katmarie View Post
This was but our 2nd cruise. Although as a whole we had a good time and the staff was very attentive and friendly. We were a bit disappointed with the activities. There was not very much to do or see. The shows were not in our opinon not as good as on the Conquest. On port days there were little to none activities for those who did not go ashore or did not spend the whole day ashore. My husband who is handicapped was well attended to but the ship being smaller there were some tight spaces. There was only one band that we enjoyed and they only played once. The Captains gathering was not the best drinks were not free and it was held in the hallway of the casino with little or not seating available; After waiting for more than 30 min. many left including us without even setting eye on the Captain and his officers. I do not recommend anyone to sail on a large ship and then try a smaller one this may be the reason for the disappointment. As for the Port of New Orleans it was very organized and very easy to get around much better than Galveston. Will consider New Orleans again but not on the Triumph once is enough.
The Captain's Celebration changed almost a year ago.

And while free drinks are not available on that night....Carnival did not do away with that. Carnival simply MOVED the free drinks to the last night at a Fun Farewell party.

The officers and entertainment staff walk the Promenade for about an hour (during each dining session) and have introductions in the Atrium.

I prefer the new method because you can actually talk and visit with the Captain and Staff instead of a 2 second handshake.

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