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Triumph is barely smaller than Conquest ..its not a small ship by any means.

Carnival has cut the size of its Lido deck band, to one or two people. They added the comedy club instead of shows in the main lounge. I was on Conquest last Sept, and we only had two full shows ... what I would call shows. (love and marriage game to me doesnt take the place of say a big magic show with dancers).

Carnival has cut back ... dont expect more on Conquest ... its not there.

I got off Elation yesterday and folks were saying they decided cruising must not be for them. They were so bored, and there were no day time activities hardly. They still do some trivia and games, but not like they used to.

I miss having a show in the theater every night. Im one who will say it. I dont want a comedian in the back lounge, I want a show in the main theater.
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