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Originally Posted by flowers View Post
I had a bad cruise, one out of I think 17 on Carnival. I was very unsatisfied with the letter I got in reply. Half of it was bad grammer, and other parts had nothing to do with what I said ...just complete nonsense.

I ran into John the Blogger in person at a event who told me he would have someone from Carnival call me..... again, nope, no one called, so John didnt do what he said he would do ... I think Carnival doesnt care, is all about the bottom line. If you think they care, you are kidding yourself.

X Carnival cheerleader.

Carnival recieves thousands of complaints, as a company there is no way each one will get a response. Problems with your cruise need to be addressed before leaving the ship unless it is something so serious it can't be taken care at sea.

John Heald's job is not to handle complaints. He was kind enough a few years ago to try and help people out but I'm sure he's now being bombarded with all kinds of requests. You really shouldn't expect him to handle your issues.

Carnival's security force does it's best to handle things on the ship. I've seen first hand what can happen when they have to deal with beligerent cruisers who think they should be able to do whatever they want because they've paid for the cruise.

What I would like to know is, what exactly do people want carnival to do for them because they have a complaint? Do they feel the company owes them some sort of compensation? If you went on a cruise and didn't enjoy, regardless of the reason, don't go again. I've been on nine Carnival cruises, some good, some great and the last one just okay. I feel I've outgrown Carnival and will no longer be cruising with them. but i certainly don't feel they owe me anything.
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