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Originally Posted by SadricAmber View Post
This is, of course, called capitalism. As a suite guest, I pay up front for this amenity. If you want to trot in beside of us, book a suite.

The pay model doesn't level the playing field. It actually screws up the economics of the high end suite. I have money and I am willing to pay for the extra privileges. If you want to book a cheaper cabin then, by 1000 years of economic theory, you get less stuff.
Again, this is not fair for someone traveling solo. The cruise lines do not want solos in their high end suites, so we would be excluded from any of the extras. Go ahead, make high end or first class solo cabins/suites/staterooms, and your design begins to work, until then, the extra someone pays for the suite gives them the fancy suite, but all the cruise amenities are equally available for everyone. The fee for preferred seating is more fair than your design because who ever is willing to pay extra gets extra, pay more for the room, get a fancy suite, pay more for the show, get prime seats, pay more for the meal, get a better meal.

But to grant privileges to people just on the basis of cabin assignment/choice is limiting to those of us who are not welcomed to buy the better rooms.
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