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Originally Posted by faraway View Post
John Heald's job is not to handle complaints.

What I would like to know is, what exactly do people want carnival to do for them because they have a complaint?
Iv been adamant, the one thing I want is to know I was heard and that Carnival cares enough not to write back nonsense which never addressed the issue.

This was a few years ago ... John volunteered as I said in person to have someone call me. If he isnt going to do it, then dont make a promise and not keep it. I just happened to be talking to him at the time. He could have just said, hey Im sorry, but he is the one who said ok, then I will have someone from Carnival call you to discuss the problems.

Again, my conclusion is Carnival does not care. More than half the cruisers on my cruise I just returned from, approx 60% were first time cruisers, and I honestly think thats all they care about. They say if you dont like something, too bad, so sad, we dont care. Someone else will take your place.

Everyone likes to feel valued. I give credit where it is due too. I turned in a letter at the end of my cruise last week praising the cabin steward I had who was exceptional.

I get very tired of people who always jump to the conclusion you posted .. that people want money. Maybe they just want to know someone recognizes there was a problem? I get that tossed at me (I call it being flamed) when people assume you want compensation.

I am now a RCL cheerleader because of the issues on that one cruise because RCL has never treated me like that.
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