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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
This is what I found on Carnival website:

Going over their banned items, I was really surprised to see dive tanks. What happens when you want to bring your own dive equipment?

Here is the link to FAQ which includes baggage restrictions:

Frequently Asked Questions, Information | FAQs | Carnival Cruise Lines

Here is another surprise:

Fish Caught on Fishing Expeditions: The fish cannot be brought on board; it must be shipped home.

When we cruise and people have caught fish, they have often brought them back onboard to be cooked. Why go on a fishing expedition if you can't eat your catch?
A charged scuba tank has the explosive power of several sticks of dynamite. All you have to do to set it off is leave it in a corner and wait for the ship to roll a bit. The tank falls over and the valve on top breaks off. Many passengers will be killed by the explosion.

Unfortunately we can't fix stupid. Far too many people go to Walmart and purchase those 99 cent made in china power strips that have no fuses or breakers inside them. They do not even have copper wires, but some cheap material that burns when overloaded.
Then they manage to plug these strips into the 220 volt power points in their cabins.
As soon as they plug a 110 volt appliance into the power strip, the appliance is fried and the power strip bursts into flames.

The Center for Disease Control in the USA requires all cruise ships calling at US Ports to purchase fish and beef only from US Certified Vendors. The idea is that these vendors guarantee that the fish and beef have no poisons, sewage, drugs, or other harmful substances in them.
There are no US Certified Vendors outside the USA.
The captain of a fishing boat in central America really doesn't care what substances might be in the fish you are catching from his boat.
The cruise lines don't want to take any chances cooking something you bring onboard. If you get sick, who is blamed and sued?
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