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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Empty tanks are also banned.

As for fish, Captains have bought fish straight from fishing boats before. In the one instance I saw, it was off Norway. I have also heard of it happening in other locations around the world. These have been on ships that occassionally call in the USA.

I have also seen people bring their fish onboard and have it cooked; not in American waters.

I guess all rules have their exceptions????
ALL compressed gas tanks are banned by US Coast Guard and the cruise line's insurance company.
They do make exceptions for compressed oxygen for health purposes, but will only allow very small bottles, and never more than 3 in one cabin.

Captains bring fresh fish onboard all the time. But the CDC officially will not allow us to cook and serve it to passengers. Strangely they do not seem to care if crewmembers eat it.
Every time my ship stops in Cabo San Lucas, I bring several kilos of fresh fish onboard for sashimi - unfortunately only for me.
Ships that do not call at US ports do this all the time - for passengers and crew.
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