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Just my two-cents. I use a wheelchair...and my husband and I are semi-frequent cruisers...we don't expect ANYONE to be responsible for my care other than myself, my husband, another family member or a hired assistant/nurse. We are well aware of my limitations and it would be ridiculous for us to expect anyone who is not related or paid by us, to assume responsibility for my health and well being . What Mr. Keskeny did was to put Celebrity in truly a no-win situation.

If Celebrity did assigned someone OTHER than a qualified nurse or nurse-aid to help Mr. Keskeny, they are opening themselves to being sued also by the employee, if that employee is injured trying to lift or move Mr. Keskeny. They could sue, saying when hired they were not trained to provide that type of service and it was not part of their job description. Then let's say something happened and the helpful employee dropped, injured or in some other way did not gave proper care, than the passenger/patient could and would , don't kid yourself, sue Celebrity for not providing someone qualified.

Really...this is another case of someone not wanting to assume responsibility for themselves.
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